Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kung Fu

Okay, not really.
Well, sort of.
So I've been like really busy lately!
No, really!
Busy, busy, busy!
Like last week, I went and shot some volleyball since our team is in the play-offs.
Tonight is the semi finals, sort of, since it's a double elimination tournament.
Today was school wide testing day so everyone 9-11 grade was taking some kind of well, test.
Except the Seniors.
I had to help keep an eyeball on them.
Restless Seniors.
All ready to bust out into the real world.
Little do they know.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, since they had nothing better to do, the Seniors I mean, we, the school people, gave them some ice cream:

In a trough.
Was billed as a really really long banana split.

We had two and a half of them lined up for oh around 275 or so kids.
I mean Seniors.
I would show you the ice cream but I was busy scooping it out.
Kung fu?
The kung fu!
Oh yeah baby:

Last week as also Eastern Division Individual Championships in Kung Fu.
I mean Judo, as they don't really have high school kung fu.
Sort of wish they did though.
My first time at a judo thingy and it was pretty interesting.
Mano a mano sort of thing:

Except the girls fight too!
Actually the girls are more funner to watch cause they move faster and there's more action.
One of my ninth grade girls almost knocked another girl out.
Had her in the ole Sleeper Hold.
Don't you know.
Okay, I'm off!
No, really.
Schools out and I'm off so I'm well, off!
Volleyball tonight:

I hope we win.


Steve A said...

I hope the score on the scoreboard forecasts who is ahead at the end of the game!

limom said...

We lost.
Now in the losers bracket.

Trevor Woodford said...

Ice cream...Bananas..Kung Fu & Volley ball....it's all here at the Flat Tire :-)

limom said...

Spice of life!
Don't you know.