Thursday, April 4, 2013


No, not the popo.
As in police department.
In this case PD stands for professional development, something us teachers need to be working on all the time.
Like we got the time.
Well I've been making some time since this thing is like due next week, this thing we call Duty Five:

Basically a reflection on what we're doing wrong, if we're doing something wrong, and what we're doing to correct it.
Or make it better.
Which ever comes first.
Oh I could have done something like make the kids take better pictures, but they all think they already take better pictures or I could have done something like making the kids stop letting their pants hang down their you know whats, or I could have done something along the lines of improving my lessons.
Or something.
Instead I've decided to improve their writing skilz.
Since I'm like a great writer they got something to shoot for.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I'm documenting all the stuff I implemented during the year to help the kids improve their Jedi Skilz, stuff like rubrics and all that and how much or not those things helped.
Them improve their writing I mean.
Well I'm supposed to be working on that thing right now, and if you looked at me here across the floor of the library you might just think that I was doing just that.
Instead, I'm writing this.
Boy, not exactly setting a good example am I?
Still, I'm writing, which is more than I can say for some of them.
Oh, oh.
Here they come.
Can't let them get behind me.
Then they can see the screen.
Don't you know.


Trevor Woodford said...

......the ancient art of 'looking like your working when your not'....
I have a lifetime achievement award in that fine art :-)

limom said...

You should write a book.
I'd buy it.