Wednesday, April 10, 2013


No really.
Not like this post, which I am writing during period 4.
The kids are all supposed to be reading, part of the school reading time, but I can see some of their reflections in my monitor and their just pretending to be doing what they're supposed to be doing.
Sort of like me.
So anyways, today I finished up that teacher thingy I had to turn in and it went well cause I'm like awesome and all that.
Now I can start goofing off again.
Make that goofing off more.
I took a break between report writing on Sunday and went out to practice more picture taking.
I need the practice cause I'm not that awesome.
Maybe one day I will be.
Awesome I mean.
I went to the same place, Sand Island cause it's close by and sun sort of sets in a nice way over there and it is a beach after all.
Sort of.
Except I didn't go the beach part I went to yacht harbor:

The plan was to shoot some boats but I ended up spending two hours there and catching the sunset.
I got distracted:

By those pilings in the foreground.
You know, them posts.
Posts, posts, posts.
Posts and more posts:

I swear I took like a hundred pictures of all them posts.
Some from this angle, some from that angle.
Once I get done with them I'll well, post them up.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I better get back to doing something teacher like.
The kids are getting restless.
Gotta go and kick some you know what.


Mark said...

I am following your lead. I broke down and got a new camera. Not another Nikon though. I ended up with the "poor man's Leica" a fuji x-e1. I am pretty excitied about it. I need to spend time with the manual, but I hope to posting some new pics soon.

limom said...

That's some nice hardware.
Full review required.
I got me some Fuji lust too as a couple of x10s have been popping up on the CL.
I also talked to a dude who has a Xpro and visions of rangefinders started dancing in my head.
Dig the retro look.

Mark said...

I am really pleased with it so far. Due to inclement weather and responsibilities I haven't been able to really take it out and run it through it's paces.

The only gripe I have is it seems as though the battery doesn't last very long. But I may have some settings that are draining it. I need to play around with it some.

Trevor Woodford said...

As you know I am a total Rangefinder Buff and as well as a Leica M6 I also am lucky to own the Fuji X-Pro, the X-E1 and the X10....Great cameras
all of them...If you are thinking of purchasing a pre-owned X-10 a word of warning. Make sure that it has the latest improved sensor...Early X10 cameras had a problem with sensors being unable to handle light'reflections in certain conditions creating what appeared to be 'white globes'at the point of light..plenty of info on the various forums about it. My X10 was one of the early cameras supplied just after the model was released and it displayed this fault. Fuji replaced the sensor with an improved version under warranty & no more problems.