Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'm sad.
No really.
I'm really really really sad.
So the other day, I was cleaning up the ole photo bag making sure everything was squeaky clean.
Routine maintenance don't you know.
I was all happy since I'm almost done collecting expensive pieces of glass.
Time to give the ole wallet a break.
Or so I thought.
I've been busy lately, my excuse, so I hadn't really taken a good look at that new lens I got.  Normally I give them a good once over, but the exterior was pristine so I didn't give it much thought.
It was also taking nice pictures.
How that happened, I don't know cause I was fooling around with it, looking at the aperture blades and low and behold what did I find:

No really, I said it twice.
After that I was speechless.
Then I was sad.
I'm still sad.
For one thing, I got it off the ole CL.
For another thing, I got it off a dude on another island.
After thinking about all that, I got sadder!
Well I boxed it up and off it went to Nikon in California.
Won't know what to do until I hear from them hopefully next week.
Thankfully it's under warranty, but I'm not sure if alien invasions are covered and I'm hoping it just needs a cleaning.
I'm not expecting the seller to do anything although I do have 45 days to dispute the sale via Paypal.
I just can't believe I missed that.
Did I mention I was sad?
Stay tuned.

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