Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Oh yeah baby!
I'm World Wide!
Okay, not really.
Well, the blog sort of is.
Anyways, since I've been shooting a lot of land/cityscapes lately, trying to capture this image I have in my convoluted mind, I found that I'm lacking in the wide zone.
I mean my head is sort of big, I have to enter doorways sideways, but I'm talking about wide in a photography sort of way.
Like this:

My room at 16mm.
Super wide!
Well, wider than before.
Except now my wallet is thin.
Really, really, thin.
This is fat:

See my water bottle in the back.
See wide images from the beach:

See the huge distortion.
Check the lifeguard stand:

Something that you can fix with software.
I think.
I've already got some ideas on how to use this thing, but mainly I'm waiting for a nice cloudless day to get my twilight image.
While I was at the beach this morning, I also got this:

Something is happening on  Memorial Day and they were setting up the stage.
I'm going to try and make it even though the beach is going to be packed.
I think this super wide is going to be perfect for the event.


Trevor Woodford said...

Wide angle is the real deal....!!
All my favourite lenses are my wide angles....I hardly ever use the tele lenses....mainly of course because wide angles just suit my subjects better :-)

RANTWICK said...

Wallet thinning wideness. I think it'll be worth it.