Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Schools out!
Okay, not really.
About the Yay! part I mean.
'Cause I'm sad.
I mean I'm sort of happy I don't have to be waking up at five in the morning but I'm sad that the teaching part is over.
Next year will be great!
More on this later.
Okay, so I got me yet another camera bag:

I swear this is like some sort of addiction cause even though I have/had like three bags I keep looking for new bags.
This bag is little different for I was looking something other than a shoulder bag cause my well shoulder was getting tired of lugging all my crap all over the creation even when I wasn't using all my crap at any particular time.
So I went looking for a sling bag, which is kinda like a back pack with only one arm thingy and I found this bag from Think Tank called guess what? the Sling O Matic.
Over the break I plan on going out for some Hot Night Photo Action!(HNPA!) and I figured that I wouldn't need to be carrying around all my stuff.
So I needed something to carry around the basics.
Enter the Sling O Matic 10:

The smallest of the Sling O Matic series.
I actually listed it on the CL when I first got it thinking it was too small, but after playing around with the configurations, I decided to keep it cause it is small and well I don't need another Honking Big Bag(HBB).
The Think Tank bag is also reversible, you can use it over either shoulder.
I won't go into that here, go visit them to see how it works.
I gotta say, this bag is really well built!
Big ole fat zippers and nice stitching and well thought out compartments bring tears of joy to a bagaholic like me.
More on the Sling O Matic if I ever get off the couch and actually go out to take some pictures.
Caught me a cold and I'm couch bound.
At least I can sit around and move all my photo crap from one bag to another.
Anyways, if you are looking for a nice sling type back pack type camera bag, check out the Think Tank stuff.
It's really nice!
Okay, I need to lay down.
My nose is leaking.

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