Saturday, May 18, 2013

Up On The Roof

High in the sky.
In the clouds.
Or something.
Okay, not really.
Well, I was sorta up on the roof:

Top floor of a parking lot near downtown Honolulu.
There to take some night shots.
Don't you know.
First of all, I don't really dig shooting off the roof of parking lots.
I mean you gotta pay and here it ain't cheap.
Two hours cost me like ten bucks and as you can see, I wasn't taking up very much space.
Actually it was kinda eerie up there all alone.
Once in a while some car would come by then go back down; I gave everyone the eyeball just in case I had to like protect myself and my precious camera.
You know, the PRO stuff.
Anyways, I've been looking for somewhere to get some images of the waterfront at night.
A specific shot, a view I had from a hospital window.
Well, I'm still looking.
More on this later.
I've also been waiting for a nice day for some twilight shots, where the lights of the city and the fading light of day meet.
I had to wait some:

Two fifty an hour I'm paying.
Tick tock, tick tock.
Please hurry sun.
Okay, something like this:

Except for the clouds.
Bad clouds!
Go away.
Maybe next time.
At least I know where to go when the sky is clear.
Which is what I've been doing lately.
Staking out places to go and get some shots.
Which isn't easy lemme tell you.
I think I'm going to buy a ladder and use it to climb some buildings.
Well, since I was up there, tick tock tick tock and I had some time to burn, tick tock tick tock, I waited a few more minutes to get some city shots with the harbor:

This photography thing ain't easy.
I mean so far this year I've taken about 5000 shots and maybe I really like five or six.
Not a good ratio at all!
Still, I persevere.
The things I do for you, the reader.
So anyways, it's the last week of school and do I have a story to tell!
More on that later.
Stay tuned.


Steve A said...

Nice harbor at night shot.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I would like for those odd color bands or striations in the sky to not be in the middle two photos, unless the sky actually looked like that. Is that an artifact, or real?

limom said...

Steve A, thanks!

JRA, I didn't notice that.
I think maybe Blogger is choking on the files.
Let me try and make them smaller.