Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All Black and White

All the time!
Sort of.
I mean I do haul the digital camera around with me and bring it out once and a while.
Like last night:

I was cruising around by the Hilton when I noticed the moon light on the water and I noticed those folks walking along the beach so I had to backtrack across the sand where I hastily got that shot off.
A bit blurry for it was at 1/15 handheld but I suppose it's okay.
For guerrilla photography.
Color photography has it's place, some images cry out for color but for what I do I think noir et blanc works best.

One big reason is that I dislike sodium lights.
Everything at night is orange!
Except in photo land of course.
I took that Konica out last night but I haven't developed the film yet.
I found a couple of quirks like the shutter speeds sit right between where I mostly shoot.
Instead of 'normal' speeds like 1/15, 1/30, 1/60 etc, it has 1/5, 1/10 and 1/25.
Slightly faster so we'll see how the film turned out.
It's also a stop slower in aperture so my brain was working overtime trying to adjust and compensate.
This may be a deal breaker, but maybe it's just a daytime camera.
Yesterday some of the kids and I went into school to fool around with this stuff called Inkodye.
It's a light sensitive liquid that you put on stuff and make images on well, the stuff.
Here's the picture which has been inverted:

Not my picture, but one of the students.
Anyways, you put that stuff on a shirt then lay the transparency on top and set it out in the sun for 10-20 minutes.
Then you lift the transparency off and get this:

Pretty awesome if you choose the right image.
I'll be doing one for myself once I select a good picture to do.
I let the kids experiment with it first.
Anyways, more on that Inkodye thing later.
I'm feeling better and now I'm ready to make good use of my vacation time.
Stay tuned.


Darin said...

We bought an inkodye kit 3 months ago. We're just waiting for enough sun and warmth to try it out. Spring has to show up around here sometime.

limom said...

I'll do more on the Inkodye once I get around to getting some plain shirts.
From what I've seen though, make sure the ink thingy goes on even and smooth, and wipe away any extra.
Don't use too much.