Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

It rained!
I mean it rains all the time but I finally got caught in it.
The rain I mean.
I didn't plan it that way as it looked as though it was clearing but I loaded up the bag and headed out to practice with that slow film.
Well I had to put that camera away as down it came:

I was sort of hopscotching between doorways and awnings trying not to get too soaked.
So was everyone else though so any place that had overhead shelter was a bit crowded.

I have to admit though, I was a big chicken cause I didn't go out when it was really coming down.
If I had my plastic camera bag thingy I would have, but my camera was already on the wet side so I decided to heed to my better judgement.
I didn't look like it was going to stop so I popped into the Apple Store and used the computer to check the weather radar.
Just passing showers.

At least I wasn't lost.
The drops got smaller and I figured it was time to head on home while the heading was good.

This was my first time being out in some really good and wet rain so I had some trouble with shot selection.
While trying not to get too wet.
I mean that's what I was thinking of rather than what I was shooting, still I think I got off some nice ones.
Though now that I look back I also missed some opportunities.
Well it's still raining sort of so maybe I'll go back out tonight!
Meanwhile, I need to go and finish up that other roll of film.
Or I can just stay in and do some laziness drills.
Lemme think.


Andrew Cooper said...

Some nice photos there! Rain really changes the look of a city.

limom said...

Thank you!
Yeah I've been waiting for a good drenching and from the looks of the radar it seems that I've got one.
Bet the ranchers are all happy.