Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

From the streets of Flat Tire Land!
Direct to you, the reader!
Or something like that.

Sidewalk fountain.
You'd think with all the rain we've been having they would turn the sprinklers off.
I don't usually take pictures of homeless but this was unusual:

Perhaps it was because this was a bus stop at a busy three way intersection.
I was thinking about doing a pictorial on the homeless.
Walking around you get to see actually how many are out there.
I mean folks driving around have no clue about the homeless population.
Thing is, I feel that they have their privacy too and taking pictures of them sleeping seems like too much of an invasion.
I'm still sort of thinking about it.

The Streets of Waikiki (SOW) were bustling last night, everyone I suppose was glad the rains were gone.
Sort of.
It was dry but there were times when it sort of threatened.
Rain had fallen earlier in the afternoon but it held off at night.

Wow! it's late!
The Tourneau clock said so!
Except it's an hour fast.
Which is unusual since the last time I saw it, like two or four nights ago it was right on time.
I did a double take when I checked my watch and in fact I checked my phone to double check the correct time.
You'd think someone in charge would take care of that.
Seeing as how all they sell in there are watches.
I read some where that the correct way to image watches is to set them to 10:10.
That way the hands are symmetrical and it shows of the watch face better.
None of their watches are set to 10:10.
I checked.

I don't know how many times I've walked through Waikiki now but this was the first time I noticed this.
Words on the sidewalk!
Only at crossing intersections though.
I thought that was pretty cool.
I tried to get that kids feet and stroller in the 'keiki' pic but the mom wheeled him/her just out of the frame.
Maybe you can see them better at night, the words I mean, but the fact that I just noticed them makes me wonder about their effectiveness.
I spent a couple of minutes back tracking and crossing the street looking to see how many there were.
More on this later.

I took this picture about a week back.
I wasn't really looking at the windows, I was trying to catch the reflections so I didn't really notice this:

I don't usually do store displays but I just had to share.
What the hell is Gucci thinking?
Reminds me of those velvet pillows from the seventies.
Or wall paper.
Or curtains.
Or something.
Okay, time to do some laziness drills and plan out my day.
Not in that order.

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