Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home

No, I don't live in one.
Not even close.
My new bag is one though.
I know you, the reader, saw it before but I thought I'd do a review since I had a hard time deciding whether or not to get it.
Bags are a personal thing that sort of has to fit your particular needs.
The bag:

This is the middle of the Million Dollar Home line, there's a Five and a Seven.
It's about the same height and width of my computer bag, also a Crumpler, so it's about the size of a 15.4 laptop.
Except for the depth of course.
The bad closes with hook and mesh on two sides of the front flap.
There are also two straps with click buckles if you need them.
The grey corners are reflective and there's a handy handle on top.
The front flap has a mesh pocket underneath:

The zipper is on the hinge side which could be a problem is you pack a lot o'stuff in there cause when you open the flap it's closer to the bottom.
No problems so far.
I dig the lime green!
Inside you have a front pocket which is secured by hook and loop:

Inside that front pocket you have another smaller pocket.
There are no external pockets, which I sort of miss, but then again I don't uh, miss it with this bag.
If you get my drift.
As you can see the bag comes with multiple dividers so you can customize the compartments.
I use all of them except two and I wish it came with more tall dividers than three supplied.
On the sides you have two small pockets and some loops:

You can get a small water bottle in there.
Unless you bag is packed.
Like mine.
With three cameras:

Which is what I got this bag for since that's what I'm usually lugging around.
Or you can take two cameras and a couple of lenses.
Or you can take one camera and more lenses.
Or you can take three cameras and a power tool:

I'd say the bag is perfect but no bag is perfect:

It works very well for me, carrying all I need when I hit the streets.
With room to spare if I need filters and other stuff.
I was thinking of getting the Seven Million Dollar size, but I don't think I need any more room.
The bag is well padded and I have no doubt my stuff would survive a low speed crash.
I wish it and one of those under the arm straps like messenger bags as I wear it mostly in the small of my back.
Okay, there you go!
Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home.

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