Saturday, March 15, 2014


Under the weather.
Why is it that it happens right before I have a vacation?
Like right when we go on break, I start to get a sore throat or my nose starts leaking.
Anyways, here's the rest of the fireworks pictures:

I took all of them at 6 seconds.
Once the show started, I didn't really have time to mess with the camera and looking back I should have taken some short exposures.

Here's a crop, just for fun:

I shot long exposure because I wanted to get the trails when they get shot off.
What happens though is some of them get blurred:

Makes my eyeballs all goofy just looking at it!
Again, I should have shot some short exposures but for the most part the images came out okay.
I learned something new which is a good thing.
Okay, I got some negatives to scan and the sick pills are making me sleepy.
Maybe I'll just do some laziness drills.
Practice makes perfect.
Don't you know.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Nice! What would it take to catch the opposite type of fireworks shot? Rather than long exposure flower blooms, a quick exposure "actual" view? Could you catch a non-blurred "real" shot of them exploding?

limom said...

Thanks! To get short exposures, just go backwards.
I shot these at I think ISO100 f8 at 6 seconds and I was probably a stop hot. Let's call it f8 at 4 seconds so:
f5.6 at 2, f4 at 1, f2.8 at 1/2, f2 at 1/4 etc.
From there bump the ISO.
ISO200 f2 at 1/8, ISO400 f2 at 1/15, ISO800 f2 at 1/30 etc.
If you're shooting digital then that should be a good guide, you can dial it in as you go along.
Looking at those numbers and thinking about the brightness of the fireworks I suspect at f2 your shutter will be faster.
With film I'd use those numbers and bracket the show: shoot some at those numbers, some +1 stop , some -1 stop; or use a meter and pray.