Friday, January 4, 2013


I gotta admit that when I was in school I didn't like being graded.
Grades are okay, I mean we need a system that tell the student how well or how bad they did, but grades just sort of suck.
Especially when you compare your grades against someone else's grades.
If you know what I mean.
I think I grade fairly.
Or course art is subjective so I try not to take into consideration the "art" part, but just the part that needs to get done.
Pretty much as long as you turn something in you are doing okay.
Still grades for the most part went down for the second quarter:

That makes me sad.
On the other hand, the quality of work seemed to go up, which is a good thing as we(the other teacher and I) are making our entry selections for the upcoming high school art show thingy.
As far as the bad grades go, I'm hoping it was second quarter laziness and not something that will continue.
Then there's my grades:

As a newbie teacher, I need to go through all kinds of assessments and stuff, you know, to make sure I know what the hell I'm doing.
Most of it is self reflection type stuff, something I think some teachers forget to do, so I'm not too worried cause I do that stuff everyday.
Self reflect I mean.
Especially when I mess up.
Which happens more often than I'd like.
Mess up I mean.
I still have to work on this:

That's the one that counts.
I actually have to write some kind o'paper or something detailing the improvements I've made professionally, like in the classroom stuff.
I've been putting it off since there's really no room for improvement.
Don't you know.
Okay, not really.
Maybe there's so many things I need improvement on I don't know where to begin!
Okay, not really.
Anyways, there's like this list of improvements I can choose from so I'll go over that later and pick something out.
Hopefully soon.
Well, the second half of the year seems to have started off pretty well and I'm looking forwards to seeing what the kids can do.
Check out some of the work from last year here.


Ron Labrador said...

This is for an art class right? There is that scene in Art School Confidential where every student in John Malcovich's (professor) class got an A. There is no objective way to grade an art class.

rlove2bike said...

I was not good at art...just saying.

Thanks for the post,

Trevor Woodford said...

Similar to yourself I never liked being graded in school reports were the stuff of nightmares...
In fact I still have them and if I feel like scaring myself rigid with a good horror story I just drag out those old reports from a lifetime ago and read them all over again...!!


limom said...

Ron Labrador, art no, but there's still a technical side they need to grasp.

rlove2bike, they is an artist in every man.
Joseph Beuys said that.
Not me.

Trevor, grades: hate em but need em.