Saturday, January 12, 2013


Is that a cutlass in yer pants or are ya just happy to see me?
Oh wait.
Not piracy.
I was confused.
As usual.
It's all about privacy.
With some compromise thrown in.
Lemme tell you.
I had to make some changes to our class photo blog, you know, the one where we post all the pictures, for it seems, the privacy of the students.
That we were trying to showcase.
I mean the whole idea was to give the students some recognition and some exposure for the work they've been doing.
We also wanted to link up our site to the school's main page.
First though, we needed administrative approval, what I call The Word From Mount Olympus(TWFMO).
In order to get TWFMO, the site had to be reviewed before going live.
Well anyways, it was reviewed and it was determined that all student names would have to be removed lest they be exposed to the uh, nastiness of the real world.
Which sort of makes sense.
I mean I wouldn't want anyone to start like stalking them or anything.
Still, it was kinda nice for them to be recognized, while it lasted.
Not that it's going away.
The site I mean.
I'm just going to have to find a way to showcase their photos without actually naming who took the photos.
By not naming who took the photos, our site should get a link to the school main page which should be a good thing though the site has been doing well since it went live.
Which by the way was like two days ago.
Anyways, I took the site private for a day to make the changes and you'll see more changes as I figure out what to do.
Maybe we need a secret password to login.
Or a secret handshake.
Or something.

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