Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starting the Day

Which is the same almost every day.
Of the week that is.
Weekends it's different.

I get in early so I can beat traffic.
Now it's like really dark and I had a nice newish moon to greet me this morning.
I can't tell if those are stars or dust on my screen.
Powering up the Flat Tire Remote Command Center(FTRCC):

First thing I do is turn on one of the iMacs and my POS laptop.
Not my laptop, which is a SOTA piece of stunning engineering, but the school issued laptop which sometimes has to be rebooted before starting up.
I don't bother turning on the lights for off I go!

School is not as empty as it looks.
Most of us early folks just aren't walking around.
Checking the ole teacher box:

Besides getting the keys to your room, this is when you know you've hit the big time.
The box.
Oh yeah.
Mine was empty this morning and you know what they say, sometimes no news is good news.
On my way back to the room I might nod and grunt at a few folks.
It's early morning.
If you know what I mean.
Let there be light!

Now my day officially starts!
Sort of.
I mean after I eat breakfast.
Or read the paper.
Or something.
I use the mornings to get my work done which is impossible at home with all the distractions:

I'm on like level 7.
Anyways it also gives me a chance to look through all the students work and make up stuff for them to do later.
I can also work on this:

More on that/those later.


Trevor Woodford said...

Just looking at those shots taken inside the school has just brought me out in a cold sweat...I'm re-living the horror of it all all over again...!!!


limom said...

I hope some of my students will feel the same way.
Okay, not really.