Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Final

Happy Easter.
I ate a lot.
I also took a lot of pictures.
All of them bad.
Okay, not really.
I took some baby pictures that look okay, the rest, the artsy stuff was bad.
After I ate a lot, I figured I shouldn't just go home and sleep, though lemme tell you, I was tempted.
To go to sleep I mean.
Instead I headed back to Sand Island, you know, from yesterday, to try my luck at getting some nice images.
I didn't have it.
As in this is harder than I thought.
First of all, I left the rocks alone.
I'll go back with some overhead light and have a go.
Instead since the sun was getting low, I thought I'd practice some long exposure water shots.
I practiced, but got nowhere near perfect.
So I started here:

I'm shooting into the sun, which is already a problem.
So now I filter up and slow the shutter down, like way down, like 10-20 seconds down.
I was trying to catch the waves breaking over those sand retention thingys, so timing is everything.
I don't have it.
Timing, I mean:

Too long.
I need to time the water going over, and then going back out.
I also stacked some filters and got a mean purple thing.
Light was also leaking in from somewhere even though I wrapped the lens with a black cloth.
I need to work on this.
Then I shot short:

Still not getting the timing right:

I'm sad.
It wasn't a total loss though as I got a couple of nice shots:

I got this dude fishing right before I left.
I've also been fooling with some High Dynamic Range processing:

I downloaded a trial version of the stuff from Nik and it's working out okay.
I think.
More on this later.
Overall though, I feel like I wasted two hours.
Then again, two hours at the beach is not really wasted.
If you know what I mean.
Maybe I should stick to baby pictures.
Or something.


Trevor Woodford said...

As you say....two hours at the beach is never wasted...

limom said...

I'm gonna try and go back today and waste another couple of hours.
I mean practice.
My photo skilz.