Saturday, February 15, 2014

Je Ne Sais Quoi

That certain something.
Shooting film for me has been an interesting journey.
I think it started off more as a novelty, a trip back to the past, a kindler gentler more romantic era.
Today's world is so fast paced and gratification needs to be instantaneous before it is lost and we move on.
How much is that Instax?
Ceramics, which I do (or used to do), is out of place today.
No instant results there.
Perhaps that's why I've come to enjoy film.
It's like ceramics in a sense that you don't know what you got until you open the kiln door or in photography develop your film and scan or print it.
Yes, that's part of it.
Then there's that something:

I kinda like that picture.
Today's digital cameras are able to resolve images like well, never before.
I'm quite satisfied with what my digital camera can do.
Again it's the romance of creating images in an older format.
Then there's this:

I suppose it's personal but I much prefer that image, the image done on film.
Maybe it's the grain, the way it captures tones or the darkening of the corners.
I dunno.
The film image, for me, has soul.
Make that a soul.
je ne sais quoi
Perhaps it is because I was a part of the process, the developing, the capturing of light, and not just pointing and creating I's and O's.
Perhaps there's a certain attachment there, the physical part of the negative, that not's there with digital.
Perhaps it's all in my mind.
I don't know.
What I do know is that this came in the mail the other day:

That's right integrated chip fans!
Fifty eight millimeters of f1.4 light sensor coupled Yashica goodness!
My test strip is drying and so far looks better than the results I got the other night.
More on that later.
The other night I mean.
Anyways, I got a full day today depending on whether or not the weather holds up.
Whether the weather.
Camera swap meet today.
Will I be able to resist?

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