Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Camera swap meets.
Pure evilness.
Okay, maybe not.
Then again, pretty much.
Pure evilness.
I just couldn't resist temptation.
I tried and tried and tried.
One hour I mulled and hemmed and hawed and waffled but in the end I succumbed.
I am weak.

The Voigtlander Vitessa was one of them cameras on my Most Wanted List (MWL).
Lithe, svelte, 35mm Deco goodness.

Gotta love them Germans!
Oh they know how to make a camera.
Cars too.
They used to make good Olympic swimmers, but I think that factory closed down.
Anyways, the Vitessa is a camera that reminds me of  Baby Sinclair in that old series Dinosaurs:

Gotta love me!
Much coveted that camera was.
Except it usually sold for close to $200.
Little steep.
So anyways, I was at the Camera Evilness and up popped this Vitessa.
How much? I sheepishly ask.
You know, like I don't know what it is.
It's my husband's camera and he isn't here.
That's a good thing.
Know what he wants for it?
Remember to act casual, like you don't care.
I have a list: flip, flip, flip
I swear my eyeballs opened up when I see: Voigtlander - $50
Keep calm.
Oh, oh.
Needs repair.
Not a good thing.
So I wait around for an hour for the dude to show and turns out the the cocking mechanism for the shutter is balky.
Okay, it don't work.
The lens is funky too, with some stuff on it.
So close to Camera Dreamland (CD)!
Can I fix it?
If you, the reader, have been following along at home then you know that means can I tinker around with it without breaking it.
What the hell if anything I'll have a really nice paperweight.
You know the rest.

I got it to work intermittently, the shutter is gummed up.
Which is good thing.
The lens has more gunk on it that I thought.
Which is a bad thing.
Turns out the rangefinder is really foggy and I found out I don't really dig that plunger thingy sticking out of the top of the camera like some kind of smoke stack.
That could be a bad thing, but I learned all the bad things for only forty bucks and now I don't have to spend two hundred to find out what I already know.
Which is a good thing.
Except now I got a forty dollar paperweight.
Which is, well it could be good and it could be bad.
Enough about that.
So all last week, this Pow Wow thingy has been going on.
You know, where a bunch of artist actually get permission to paint on buildings and such.
Pow Wow.
More on that later.

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