Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Like a caged animal I am!
Pacing back and forth looking out the window.
I'll take my hamburger rare please!
Cooped up in this self made prison constantly blowing my nose and doing laziness drills.
I could stand it no more!
So I let myself out.
One can only download so much Netflix in one day.
If you know what I mean.
My cold still lingers but just had to get out and walk around.
I mean it's been like two weeks of staying home, not taking a picture in anger or doing much of anything.
So off I went!

I went past Debbies' Place.
I was sort of focusing on reflections, though it was nice just to be out and about.
There was a carnival going on up the street and the original plan was to go over and get some pics but I decided I wasn't up to facing any crowds.
The convention center:

I've been thinking about what I do this past few weeks, the picture taking part I mean, and this feeling of restlessness when I get idle.
Two weeks is just about all I can handle of nothingness so even if I just get out and take some nothing pictures it still feels like I'm doing something.

I got stuck here at this pedestrian walkway trying to figure out the best way to get pictures of them poles thingys.
At least I can try and think creatively.
Sort of.
Here's the photo place:

I walked around longer than I had planned; it felt really good to just be out there.
The thing about the streets is that it's dynamic and constantly changing.
You never know what you might see on any given day.
Or night.

Nice little Italian place.
Okay, I got some errands to run and I got three cameras full of film to burn so I guess I should get busy!
I gotta use up all that developer I mixed up two weeks ago.
I also want to test out this newfangled gadget I got.
More on that later.

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