Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Final

Back in to the concrete jungle I went.
After a nice long session of laziness drills.
Getting ready for the Laziness Olympics don't you know.
Anyways I got started late and although the sun was still shining it was too low to get any nice shots.
What I mean is the light was gone and I spent most of the time chasing it but I pretty much missed it.
The golden hour I mean.
So off I headed towards the yacht harbor in hopes of catching the sunset:

Trolleys getting in my way.
Seems like the run every five seconds or so.
It was a nice sunset so I just planted myself where I was and watched:

Then it was off to the boat place to see what I could find:

I was shooting mostly film, you know, to see what my new to me toys can do.
The negatives are hanging up now and I'll scan them tomorrow at work.
So I'm walking around minding my own business when what do I find?

That's right frozen treat fans!
French Vanilla and Kona Coffee thank you very much.
Six bucks for two scoops.
Sort of got robbed but then again it is Waikiki.
Then I got it in my head that I'm going to fool around with double exposures:

I've been trying to capture how I see Waikiki.
I haven't quite got the hang of the double and triple exposures, composition is tricky as is the exposure value.
I need to work on it a bit more.
Then I saw this humungous dog:

Look at the kid reaching for the tail.
Or foolish.
So anyways, I figured I'd seen enough and I headed on home.
Blowing through another roll of film along the way.
More on that, the film I mean, later.

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