Monday, February 17, 2014

Pow Wow

Street art.
Kinda like it, but not really into it.
Had to go and check it out:

Apparently some of these folks are famous or something and they were flown in form all over just for the event.
They started last week and these are shots from Tuesday.
I planned to go back but was only able to make it Thursday night.
Were it went all wrong.
User error:

All my shots turned out blurry.
Probably a combination of a balky shutter and the slow speed.
I'll do a test strip on the camera to make sure the rangefinder isn't out of adjustment.
On Saturday there was a block party thingy to close the thing down:


Some of the finished works:

I'll go back and try and get the rest later.
I think last year it was bit better, the works had more of an edge.
This year most of the stuff seems 'safe.'
Maybe it's just me.
It was cool though seeing the process and watching the artists.
Difficult to believe it was all done with spray paint.
Anyways it's still wet over here as in rain:

That's what the radar has looked like for the past couple of days.
Not a heavy rain, but a light rain with heavy drops.
You know, the kind of drops you get right before a heavy rain but without the heavy rain.
If you know what I mean.
I was sort of hoping for a heavy rain but I went out shot some stuff in the wetness anyways.
More on that later.

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