Friday, August 8, 2014

High and Dry

Which is what I am.
Since I'm on the second floor.
Rain started sometime in the early morning; previously the winds had started to gust but the worst is still about four hours away.
The hurricane was downgraded late last night to a tropical storm and it has slowed since hitting the Big Island.
Which is a good thing.
Not for folks on the Big Island, but for us on O'ahu at least.
Yesterday I took all the stuff in my room and locked it in my office:

Which turned out to be a precautionary measure as I learned when talking to the Red Cross person last night, they are keeping all the folks in our gym.
Unless it gets really bad.
Last night there were about a sixty or seventy folks waiting to get in:

The gym that is.
There were still others camped out in the usual spots around campus and city buses were going around bringing other folks in:

The paper reported that about 180 folks spent the night.
How long the emergency shelter will be open depends on what happens today and tomorrow I suppose as Hurricane Julio is still out there and closing.
It's raining hard off and on and flooding is still a problem.
I may venture out to see what's up later.
View from the lanai at 7:45am:

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Chandra said...

Hope all goes well.
Peace :)