Saturday, August 2, 2014


Sort of.
I mean I went back but nothing was going on.
Except the usual.
Meetings, training, and the inevitable cleaning and arranging:

During the summer break the crews remove all the stuff in the classrooms and reseal the floors.
You know, so that they are all bright and bushy tailed for the kids when they get back.
When they get back.
On Monday.
My room is especially bad for I've had to add a couple of tables and and chairs, I got about 150 kids this year, and I've been helping the band teacher with her banners:

Doing some copy work.
She wanted pics of all her banners so she can downsize them.
Her walls were getting sort of full.
Thirty nine banners, all about or larger than the size you see there.
Besides cleaning and picturing, I've been fooling with you guessed it!
Another camera!

I've been wanting to try something smaller to lighten up the ole camera bag.
I only use the digital for color pics and some nights I never take it out of my bag so I decided something smaller is in order.
The two pics above were taken with that Fuji X20.
I've also been thinking about new forms of torture for the upcoming year, adding some new twists and evilness for the kids to agonize over.
In other words, I'm having fun!
I also stepped off the deep end again.
Boy, I'm so far over I'm never coming back!

That's right large format fans!
I'm a going big!
Sort of.


Chandra said...

Great going, Limom.
I love the bag of the Fuji. Such a pretty color or reminiscent of days gone by.

I have to wonder if a Hasselblad is in your future, if money was no object. Who knows? :)

Peace :)

limom said...

I thought a bit about it and I don't think it fits the way I shoot.
I'm very happy with my Rollei.