Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Final

Well today, I had to go into work to finish up some things and to get ready for tomorrow.
I finally cleaned up a bit and removed last year's work from the computers.
You know, so the kids can start off fresh.
Also so that they cannot use any pictures from last year.
After spending a couple of hours there I was ready to get out and do some some picture taking!
With my large format pinhole camera.
Anyways, I started off with some instant film:

Part of the trick here is to guess how long to leave the shutter open.
My first attempt was way over exposed; very low contrast.
This was my second try, just a quick flip open and shut.
Darker, but more contrasty.
Not sure how I feel about it though.
So I had loaded up the film holders last night with some free film I got with the developer.
Remember the developer?
More on that later.
It was a beautiful day by the way, perfect for pictures.
Experimental and all.
So I come home and develop the film and it doesn't look good:

The negatives are light meaning the pictures are dark so I'm thinking I'm underexposed on all the pictures.
Still, you really don't know until you scan them:

Not too shabby!
Except for those things that look like light leaks on the top and bottom of the pics.
Turns out they are from the developing thingy!
The film sits in this thing like well, this:

You can see how the anomalies correspond with the holder finger thingys.
Apparently I'm a swishing and sloshing too hard.
I'll be kindler and gentler next time to see if it makes any difference.
The negatives by the way are honkin huge!

The difference between this and 35mm is like small and large!
Maybe that's why they call this Large Format.
This also means it takes more developer juice to well, develop.
One whole litre at a go, but I'm diluting it more which is supposed to be a good thing.
I think.
Anyways I'll give it another try just to see if I can nail down the developing.
The film alone is about two bucks a shot and I don't really see any benefit in shooting this format too often.
Not for what I do anyway.
Sort of a novelty if anything.
So anyways, the kids are back tomorrow and I'm gotta go find my evil hat.
Can't be diabolical without the evil hat.
Don't you know.


Chandra said...

This is way cool.
My favorite is the picture with the puffy white clouds.
Good Luck w/ your experiments!
Peace :)

Trevor Woodford said...

I like the shot with those puffy white clouds too..!
I hope you don't look too scary with your 'evil hat' on..The poor kids won't be able to hold their cameras still for shaking with fear lol.

limom said...

Chandra, thanks!

Trevor, my evil hat is sort of floppy from being sat on.
I need me a Kangol.