Friday, August 22, 2014

One Thing After Another

That's how it goes.
Just when you think you've cleared your plate, something else pops up.
Nothing to do but plug along until well, something else pops up.
No time to do anything else.
Except laziness drills.
Gotta keep practicing.
Don't you know.
At least the Flat Tire presses are rolling again!
Anyways, it seems like I've finally cleared all the new year paperwork and I've settled into somewhat of a groove.
Except for the photography club.
More on this later.
I got this:

Oldfangled Kodak Brownie Cresta circa 1955.
I liked my Cresta III enough to go a hunting for the first camera in the line, a camera with with a real lens.
The Cresta III had cheapo plastic job and this, the original Cresta has a glass lens.
I think.
One of the interesting things about acquiring these olden days cameras is that some of them come with film still in them.
This was my first (camera with film in it) and I was very interested in developing the film to see what was on it:

Nice pictures of what I assume is the English countryside.
I say assume because the camera was made in England and I had to get it from some bloke who lives in a place called Kent.
I was hoping for some images that would help date the film; I'm going to assume these are from the sixties.
The film in the camera was Kodak Verichrome Pan which came in out 1956 replacing an earlier  Verichrome film.
I also got a couple of shots on the left over frames:

Looking out the front of the administration building at the statue of William McKinley.
Not bad for some really old film!
My dating of the film is suspect for it was discontinued sometime in the early nineties.
I also loaded up some new film to see what the camera could do:

The charm of these cameras is that all you do is point and shoot.
We don't need no stinkin' focusing!
The images are fairly sharp and have a nice look to them.
The only drawback is that they are limited to daylight shooting, but I'm going to try some fast 3200 film, film that wasn't available way back in ancient times, just to see what happens.
I took the pictures above while wandering around back by the cafeteria while the kids were doing their Club Day thing.
The photography club set up a table for Club Day, you know, to see if they could get another five or six folks interesting in photography.
Well after I finished my wandering I went in to check and see how we did.
The kids were all happy cause they had signed up like over forty students!
They sort of forgot that we only got eight cameras.
If you know what I mean.
Hopefully half of them, the signer uppers, are poseurs and won't show up.
Unhopefully, the club becomes humugous and I got another thing on my plate to deal with.
Like finding another advisor/chaperon to deal with all the kids.
I suppose more kids is a good thing, for it can only help to build my program and that's something I'm keen on doing.
On the other hand, more kids limits my flexibility and rule breaking abilities.
Boy, this is the longest break I think I've ever taken here and I hope it doesn't happen again.
Wouldn't want to let you, my five readers, down.


Chandra said...

You have become a good photographer and a photo historian. I am sure some of your lucky students will enjoy learning what you know.

Wish you a Happy School Year!

Peace :)

limom said...