Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm Going to Get Some Mangos

Famous line from a famous movie.
I think.
Something like that.
So anyways, I got up bright and early yesterday and headed down to the park before school.
I wanted to test out this:

That's right vinyl bag fans!
Yet another camera!
Today I present the Agfa Clack, the clack part of the Click and Clack duo from German camera maker Agfa.
The Click is a the 6x6 version while the Clack is 6x9.
These point and shoot cameras intrigue me with their no focus lenses and cheapo construction.
Okay, not cheapo like plastic camera cheapo but these cameras were not marketed to PROs.
I'll have to make a note of that.
Anyways, I like em because of their ease of use and their picture taking abilities:

Okay, not the sharpest tools in the ole camera shed, but the pictures do have a certain quality about them.
Besides, I was using like 15 year old film.
Did I mention these cameras were really easy to use?
Like just point and shoot?
It just blows my mind that these cameras have lenses that manage to get things in focus when you don't even have to well, focus them!
Need I say more?
I also got up bright and early today for it was Quest for Mango (QFM) day.
I rode on down to the local farmer's market in search of the fruit that is quickly going out of season.
In fact it is out of season and only the last of the harvest is available.
Actually there are some mangos that fruit all year; my uncle had a tree, common mango I think, that was good all year round.
I got lucky:

I scored like ten pounds of green goodness!
Not only good, but humungous:

What did I do with that blurry green fruit bomb?
Well there will just have to be more on that later.
Busy weekend for me as last night was my first American Football game:

I say American Football for one of my Flickr followers kindly reminded me that football means something totally different on the rest of planet Earth.
So Football Américain it is.
We lost something like a GAGILLION to seven so everyone was sad:

This was better than our first game, a game in which we got only five yards of total offense.
So offensive we were.
Get it?
Offensive? offense? like we stunk?
Okay, more on football américain later too.
Time to do some laziness drills for I got photo club this afternoon.
Like I said, it's a busy weekend.
Stay tuned.

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