Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's Been A While

Twenty two years in fact.
Another ten years before that.
I suppose it's got to happen every once in a while.
Seeing as how we live here in the middle of the ocean.
Where pretty much anything can happen.
Like tsunamis and such.
We had a couple of scares there too.
Tsunami scares I mean.
Now it's a big ole bad hurricane.
I think of Neil Young every time I hear that word:

Well, that took a while too!
Gotta love Neil Young though.
So anyways, we got not one, but two hurricanes!
One right after the other!
Lemme tell you, I been through some hurricanes and it's no cake walk.
First there was Iwa, back in '82.
Lotta wind.
Waikiki was under like three feet of water.
Took them some time to recover from that one.
Then there was Iniki.
Iniki wasn't so bad mainly because it pounded the hell out of the west side and the island of Kauai.
All I remember was more wind.
Wind that rattled the windows so hard I though they were going to blow out.
So I'm sitting here, thinking that this is what it must feel like knowing you are going to get punched really hard.
You sort of have to just stand still and take it.
Hopefully the punches miss, or better yet hit someplace that doesn't really hurt.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, we got Isabelle, weaking and growing depending on the time of day, coming in, with Julio right behind.
Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel:

Boy, I'm old.
My school has already been designated an emergency shelter, so whether or not we go to work on Friday is in question.
Depends what happens tonight.
After getting my room all in order I have to pack everything back up in case the Red Cross commandeers it.
Think homeless folks on a shopping spree.
If the webz hold up I'll be giving you, the reader, a blow by blow, so to speak, description of the action direct from the Flat Tire Command Center.
With pictures don't you know.
I may even take my waterproof camera out and about and get some shots!
Weather permitting of course.


Chandra said...

Yeah, I have aches and pains, sometimes. But, I am 99% sure I am glad I am as old as I am :)

Love, Neil Young!

Peace :)

Trevor Woodford said...

Old..? You think you're old..? Let me tell you I was already old when Simon and Garfunkel first hit the charts.....!!
You take care out there with all that wind about..

limom said...

Okay, I'm physically old...mentally I've still not growed.

Chandra said...

Love that comment, Trevor!