Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Back on track!
Sort of.
Yesterday I went out with that Cresta camera again, to give it another go.
I had some ideas in mind so I hopped on the ole Flat Tire Earth Machine (FTEM) and went downtown.
Of course like all best laid plans, it didn't happen.

Everytime I go into downtown I remember Vicky's.
Very nice veggie lumpia, but today I decided to double up:

That's right deep fried food fans!
Lumpia and a piroscki!
Why that's like food from the opposite sides of the planet!
I'm multi-cultural don't you know.
Lemme tell, I was a couple of RPM's slower after all that.

Scene from a downtown mall on a Saturday.
I was going to take some pics of the capitol, and I did, but not with this camera.
I did get Aloha Tower:

The Kodak Cresta has a fixed shutter so you have to use the right film.
That mall shot was okay, no direct sunlight, but the Aloha Tower shot is a bit over exposed.
I was shooting 100 speed film and I think on a sunny day 50 would be better.
Anyways, I had some other stuff to do then later in the afternoon I had a meeting with some of the photo club kids.
So far so good with the club thing and after they decided they were going to the beach to catch the sunset so I tagged along:

I finished off the last couple of frames on the Cresta.
Lemme tell you, managing more than five kids with cameras is something of a pain.
By the time we got the beach we had lost most of the light:

The kids did seem enthusiastic though.

Girls on one side, boys on the other.
This was only half of the kids that signed up, our next meeting is after Labor Day.
If more show up I'm gonna have to either split the club in two or get another advisor.
I'm kind of excited to see how things go as more people means we can actually do some fund raising and maybe do some real stuff.
Lack of cameras is going to be the real problem, but I got some ideas on how to make that work.
Okay, I got to get out cause I'm a burning light!
Off I go!

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Chandra said...

Hi Limom,
I like the evening shots, because they are in color. I like the day shots too.

How hot was it when you shot the picture of the crane?

Peace :)