Saturday, December 5, 2009

Epic Day

Today was epic.
So epic that I didn't even stop to take pictures. If you use your imagination and picture the most perfect day ever, then you know what today was like.
I was feeling sorry for all you folks that had to work or had something to do because it was freakin gorgeous outside:

I also killed it on my ride.
I blistered the pavement.
I was faster than a speeding bullet.
Einstein saw me riding and came up with the theory of relativity.
Okay, not really.
I did break back into the fourteen miles per hour average zone though. First time since I was sick.
Lemme tell you it hurt like hell:

Somewhere around mile twenty two, I ran out of gas but I managed to get in another five. The wind today was almost non existent. Until I got gassed that is.
Then it suddenly felt like the wind had picked up to epic(get it?) proportions. Each stroke of the pedal introduced me to a new level of pain and suffering.
I gritted my teeth, swore and oath and continued on. My breath coming in gasps as the perspiration stung my eyes, I battled onward. My legs began to send shock waves to my brain as the lactic acid built up to intolerable levels. I began to feel faint:

Those villagers need the medicine or they'll die! People are counting on me! I must keep going!
Or something like that.
Anyways, it was a nice day out. The sky was clear and the air was still.
Cycling weather.
It's these kinds of days where I am really glad I took up cycling. I mean, if it wasn't for my self imposed form of torture, I would be in the house doing something like watching Law & Order:

Gee, that kinda looks like the answer screen on Jeopardy.
Anyways, I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine.
Finally, I would like to introduce the newest member of The Flat Tire art department, Mr. Wacom Graphictablet:

Mr. Graphictablet is responsible for the new art and graphics you've been seeing. He's sort of new to the business, but he's learning fast.
The Flat Tire is committed to bring to you, the reader, only the most epic(get it? epic?) educational, thought provoking and entertaining content.
Don't you know.


dogimo said...

What a sensible, utilitarian design on that puppy. NO-NONSENSE.

Cool way to augment posts with bold, graphic content, when appropriate photos may not be handy!

limom said...

I've actually had it for couple of years, bought when I needed it for a project I was doing. Since then it's been collecting dust.
The active area is only 4.5x6.5 so it takes bit of getting used to.
The pad and pen, if set up correctly, is great to use if you have trouble with a conventional mouse.