Monday, December 21, 2009

The L Word, The M Word, Bombs Away

I'm finally up to the letter L in my ripping project. Yes, it's taking a while.
Ever since I've been on vacation, I've made it point to go through at least five CDs a day and extract the music.
Which brings me to the L word, luscious.
As in Luscious Jackson:

I was in a Luscious Jackson phase at one time. Listened to them all the time.
Probably best known for the hits Lady Fingers and Naked Eye, the band came up around the same time as other girl bands like The Breeders and L7.
Natural Ingredients is not their first album. Their first album took me a while to find and it was worth it:

It was out of print at the time I found it, but it may have been reissued(checked Amazon and is available as a download and from other sellers new and used). If you are a Luscious Jackson fan and don't have it: GET IT
In Search of Manny is an EP for it only has seven tracks but they are gems.
As I was pulling out the album for the pic, I discovered another LP I didn't know or had forgotten I had:

Who these guys are I have no clue. So I spun up the TT(that's turntable to you non audiophiles) and gave it a listen.
Althoug I have no actual experience to compare it to, I would say they sound like five jazz musicians, all on different drugs, all on different pages.
Eclectic is not the word I would use to describe them. So back into their dust jacket they went and since the TT was spinning, I put on Rickie Lee Jone's Pirates.
I didn't want to waste any time, so I put away Rickie Lee Jones and went to finish up the mugs(get it? Mugs? M for mugs? Nevermind) I did yesterday. I made them in the morning and attached the handles last night.
These will probably be the last to fire before the twenty-fifth:

With the IKEG(Industrial Klay Extruder Gun), making handles is breeze. I tried out some different designs using round coils.
Thing is, I'm not a coffee drinker so I have no clue as to how a mug should perform. After making this batch, I have a better idea about the weight, balance and comfort a mug should have.
Anyways, I tossed them in the kiln even though they were still a little wet. Because of the moisture(Moisture. Get it? M for moisture? Nevermind), I have them on a long firing cycle. Clay has a habit of exploding if it is still wet and the heat gets turned up too fast. The water turns into steam and well, you get the picture.
I need to do this for I want them glazed and back in the kiln by tomorrow night.
I hope they don't turn into bombs.
Okay, now I have time to watch Law & Order and get back to ripping some CDs.
Next up: The Manhatten Transfer and Aimee Mann.
Ah yes.
The letter M.
I'm halfway there.


dogimo said...

Love Luscious Jackson. Love Aimee Mann.

limom said...

I forgot to give a mention to Jill Cunniff and Vivian Trimble's collaboration the Kostars.
The CD Klassics with a K is a little different. More acoustic and laid back than LJ.