Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winding it Down, Sort of

I mean really now.
Hasn't it been a pretty good year?
I know that finding The Flat Tire was a major highlight of this decade, but putting that aside, I think it's been a good year.
On one hand, there is no freakin way I'm hitting four thousand miles on the bike.
Of course, if I hadn't gotten sick and all, I'm sure I would have logged at least 3.5
GAGILLION miles and then some. As it stands, there's about 3500 miles on the odometer and four days left in the year.
I don't think I'm getting in five hundred miles in four days.
Oh well, there's always next year.
I got a new bike this year that I have full made full use of. The epic travels of the Beach Bike will continued to be documented on these pages so stay tuned.
It should also be noted that besides the racks and the basket, I fully resisted any evil temptation of upgrade anything else on the Beach Bike.
Oh, don't get me wrong. There were many nights were I perused the evil pages of eBay looking at possible new drivetrain stuff.
I was strong.
I looked temptation in the eye and stared it down with steely resolve.
I was also very poor.
Oh wait! I am so busted!
I forgot all about this:

I must have been possessed for I forgot all about the Shimano Deore Lx front derailleur I got to replace the one on the Beach Bike.
See I must have been possessed for the Beach Bike doesn't need a new front derailleur, that's why this one is still sitting on a shelf.
Evil eBay got me again!
Now I am compelled to convert the drivetrain to nine speed.
I think I need someone ten times more responsible than me to manage my Paypal account.
Okay, not really.
eBay and Paypal are the last two sources of real enjoyment for me. Without them,I would be but a shell of a man.
Well, kinda sorta.
I have to say though, one of the best things that happened to me this year was my mp3 player going south. Having to go through my CD collection again has allowed me to enjoy music I forgot existed.
Unfortunately, it also rekindled my lust for vinyl.
We'll see how that goes.
Anyways, there's a lot more to go over to cover the whole year and Law & Order is on so you know what that means.
Oh, and speaking of T.V., I'm looking forward to the new season of Chuck, which starts on January 10th.
Now that Monk is gone, Chuck might be the one of the smartest, funniest shows on the tube.
Check it out.
Also don't forget to check out The Flat Tire End of the Year Extravaganza!
The TFTEYE! is coming soon!
Stay tuned.

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