Monday, December 28, 2009

Post One Hundred

Even I am amazed.
I didn't think I had that much to actually write about.
Well, actually I don't, and actually if you, the reader, actually keep up with The Flat Tire, you already actually know that.
Did I break the record? I used actually in a sentence four times!
Now let's see if I can refrain from using the word actually until the end of the year.
Ha! No problem cause act, uh, it's right around the corner.
Right there! No, over THERE! That corner over there!
Yes, that one.
Thank you.
Wouldn't want you to take a wrong turn and have to do 2009 all over again.

Not that it was all bad. I mean we're all here right?
Lemme do a head count: let's see, one, two, three, four, five, si-, ohoh!
We seem to have lost someone.
Well, you know what they say: you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force them to subscribe. Or something like that.
Well, my five fine readers, it's time to share some statistical information.
Googlio Analytico was added in October and so far this is what we got:
The Flat Tire has been viewed in 20 countries and 110 cities around the world.

That's pretty cool considering there are only five of you left. I think.
It being cool I mean.
Most viewed page goes to the EXTRA! piece on the wayward ducks.
I thought for sure it would be the one about my slippers.
The least viewed page was pick one.
Most hits occur between the 2300 and 0100. I guess the reason is that I post around that time.

Most of you look at one and half pages and spend an average of two and a half minutes perusing The Flat Tire.
And today we got our 1500th page view!
I don't know if that is good or bad.
I'm just glad someone is reading.
Really glad.
Enormously glad.
Like 3.5 GAGILLION glads.

Someone is act-, uh, reading.
I mean if no one was reading this stuff, I'd get bored and go back to watching Law & Order all day. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Okay, maybe.
So, I hope The Flat Tire brightened your day, gave you a little lift, made you smile or wonder, made you chortle, caused a grin, made you roll your eyes, shake your head, and if I was doing great, maybe your favorite beverage came out of your nose.
Mostly, The Flat Tire thanks you, the reader, for stopping by and letting us do our thing.
Next year we'll be shooting for 300 posts!
Kinda sorta.
Okay, maybe not.
Weather permitting, don't you know.

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