Friday, December 25, 2009

The President and Me

Okay, not really.
I did get pretty close though.
Okay, not really.
Yesterday, President Obama landed.
Okay, actually Air Force One landed and he was in it.
He chose to stay at the same house he did last year which is right in Kailua.
Well, actually closer to Aikahi.
So anyways, today I decided to take my Christmas ride and check him out. Near as I can figure, he is here:

From where I'm standing, it's about three miles on the bike to where the house is. I've never passed it for it's on a dead end street, but I have been to a public right of way that is pretty close to it. That was my target for today.
If I was the President, I would be somewhat disappointed in the weather. It rained when I left the house. It was downright dreary out there:

I guess being here is better than being in snow up to your knees. There was hope for a better day though:

So, I'm riding along on the Beach Bike, hoping to see the POTUS, or whatever the Secret Service guys call him, thinking about how I hope the day improves.
I mean he came all this way to see clouds?
Well, security is pretty tight. This is as close as you're going to get to the street he is on:

The person walking on the left is coming to tell me in not so many words to move along. She looked like she was packing heat so I got moving.
This is not Democratic hopeful Obama, this is the real deal Obama:

These Coast Guard fellows are sitting in a canal about oh, a half mile inland. About a hundred feet away from the main road.
And they aren't just sitting there:

And the public right of way?
There were some other people there checking it out, but there wasn't much action. You can see where the beach is closed off to the right of the white tent:

You can't really see the house he's staying in. The point juts out enough so that you can't really see the property:

The place is to the left of the other white tent.
I gotta say, it's pretty darn exciting having the President vacationing in your neighborhood. I mean he's been here before but from what I can tell the security was no where near what it is now.
If I had to vacation, and I was the most powerful man on earth, I would probably come here. Folks here sort of tend to keep to themselves and respect each others privacy.
What I mean is that if I saw the President walking around, I would probably give him the nod and keep going.
The man is on vacation don't you know.
Or is he?
The dude must be linked in to half the satellites floating around in space. In fact, there is a communications tower there I don't remember seeing before. I only saw it while doing my reconnaissance at the spot in the first photo; I don't remember seeing it while passing the street.
The poor guy just can't get away.
What the President needs is a nice bike ride to clear his mind.
So if you are reading this Mr. President, I'm inviting you on nice little ride around Kailua. I can loan you the Beach Bike if you wish.
I'll even take you to Tamura's and buy you a cream soda.
Oh wait, I'm poor.
The President can buy me the cream soda.

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