Monday, October 8, 2012


I was baked today.
No, not that kind of baked.
Though I've been there too.
You know, back in another life.
I mean it was freakin hot and humid today!
The weather has turned to Konas, meaning the wind is blowing from the south and the vog is just hanging over the islands.
I had the ceiling fan and the small fan going and I swear I could feel the hot air just blowing around the living room.
No really.
No, I wasn't talking or anything.
It was way too hot to do anything so I just sort of sat around and perspired.
If you know what I mean.
I also cruised around the webz, just to see what was up.
Anyways, my assimilation over to the Dark Side is almost complete.
Meaning I've bee thinking of getting one of them newfangled pad things, maybe an iPad even.
I've been doing a lot o'reading on the webz lately and while scrolling through all them documents on the ole Retina screen is nice, sitting in front ole computer isn't.
Nice I mean.
It would be better if I could get the standard Couch Potato Position(CPP) and read at my leisure with cold beverage by me side.
Safari also had this nice Reader thingy where it expands the text and gets rid of all the adds, it makes web browsing so much better for me especially when I'm hunting down some relevant information.
That Kindle Fire looks good too, as does that Google thingy, but I'm going to hold off until I see what that iPad mini/nano looks like.
Which should happen sometime soon.
I hope.
The good thing is I've already talked myself out of an iPhone seeing as no one ever calls me and since no one ever calls me I don't really call no one back so maybe my assimilation will never be complete.
If prices come down over the holidays, I mean you just never know.
Sort of.


Trevor said...

No one ever phones me either.....great isn't it!!!


Chandra said...

I saw a iPhone 5 today.
Much lighter.

Paz :)

Steve A said...

I like my iPhone and my iPad. The iPad needs wifi to work, however.

limom said...

It's coming!
The iPad mini I mean.