Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Final

Not what I expected.
From that polarizing filter I mean.
First of all, it's pretty dark:

You can see there what it looks like mounted and on a white background.
It's at least an f/stop or more darker, not unlike a neutral density filter.
Because I have an auto focus camera, it is a circular polarizer as opposed to a linear polarizer.
More on this later.
Without filter:

With filter:

The sky darkens up a bit and the glare disappears from the water.
Still not getting natural color though.
Again, without:


Not too much difference but I took these when the Sun was high in the sky and reflections were at a minimum.
I think the difference will be more dramatic if I get the Sun lower on the horizon.
I also need to shoot a little hotter with that filter on to compensate for the loss of light.
Here's one with the filter I touched up:

As I said before I wear polarized sunglasses and lemme tell you when I take them on and off the differences are like black and white.
Okay, not really like black and white but the differences are more apparent than what I'm getting on the camera.
I'm not sure if it's a difference between linear and circular polarization but it's what I suspect.
I need to get down to the beach after work, when the Sun is lower and see how the filter does.
One more of a kite surfer dude:

The Nikon D200 takes some nice images.
You can see the stringy things that attach the dude to the kite!
I see a difference in sharpness compared to my old Canon and the pocket cameras I've been using.
The exposures aren't as bright as I like them to be, but maybe it's just my eyeballs.
Hopefully on Tuesday I'll have some time after work to do more experiments.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Back in the day when I used linear polarizing filters, sun position and angle of incidence dictated by camera position made the biggest difference, followed by rotating the filter for greatest effect. Could you use manual focus and get a linear filter?

limom said...

Going manual is a consideration.
For the cost of a linear filter it's worth a try.
I'll see how the circular filter does in the low afternoon sun first.