Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Hello World!
Which is what I suppose a newborn is thinking when the ole eyeballs first pop open.
On the other hand, it could be something like WTF?
Kids nowadays.
Anyways, my sister in law went to l'hopital Friday night and still hadn't done the deed when I went to visit yesterday around lunch.
Poor girl!
Not to worry for Hello World! happened sometime yesterday and I'm about to head on out to make the obligatory visit to Baby Land.
A chance to use the new camera.
Speaking of cameras, I just couldn't bring myself to pop for a new camera, especially since some other new cameras are on the horizon so I picked up the used Nikon from My Friend Hoku.
He threw in a lens and some other stuff so I could go off and take some pictures right away:

In other words, he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
So anyways, with new camera in hand, off I went to the football game!
Actually, I wasn't going but I had told a student that I would go and that I would bring the camera.
The student didn't show up and I was left lugging my brick of a camera around in addition to the Canon from school.
So the new camera.
The new header shot was taken with it although I did do some altering.
The Nikon seems to take pictures a little underexposed, for me anyways.  I supposed I like my pictures a bit more "hot."
It has an exposure control thingy and I've set it on the plus side so my pictures are a little brighter.
I've shot mostly on P, letting the camera do the work as I practice using all the buttons.
Now the football game is another story.
In daylight it was fine:

Well, maybe not.
I left the AWB on and since it was an overcast day, it was going all goofy.
Especially when the lights went on:

The AWB saw this as cloudy even though all the clouds were gone.
I also shot on Aperture for a bit, trying to see if I could gain any more shutter speed.
That didn't work out so good.
I still haven't found the best settings for the football game.
It was the last game anyways and I got until next year to work it all out.
Or get another lens.
Which I'm going to do anyways since basketball is right around the corner.
I was thinking a 35 or 50mm f/1.4, it cost a little more but I think it will be worth it.
Okay, off I go to the baby place and maybe practice shooting more pictures.
Maybe I'll have more luck shooting straight daylight.
If you know what I mean.


Trevor said...

Always a lot of fun, but also a big learning curve when using a different camera....


limom said...

The learning curve I mean.