Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

In the course of human events, I use my flash drive a lot.
Some of the kids don't have one and I'm always moving files from this computer to this computer to that computer.
I also have a school computer and the one I'm using now so I'm also transferring files back and forth between them.
I use my flash drive pretty much everyday.
The flash drive I started the year with was an old one, one I had for a while:

Two things I need in a flash drive: the ability to hang on my key ring, and a cap that can't be lost.
As you can see, that cap is floating somewhere on the event horizon.
That Kingston drive served me well until I lost it.
The cap I mean.
Well I also lost the flash drive, but as you can see, I found it.
Anyways me being me, I don't need much reason to upgrade, and the lost cap was a good enough reason, I needed to upgrade:

So I got me a pair of these Sandisk Extreme drives, one in 16g, the other 32.
You know, one for home and one for work.
USB 3.0 dont' you know.
Lemme just say right here, the difference between USB 3 and USB 2 is like night and day.
Or like me on a bicycle and well, anyone else on a bicycle.
Me being USB 2 and anyone else being USB 3.
It's that much faster!
A 7 gig file took around ten minutes on USB 2 and like less than four on USB 3 to transfer.
No really, it's fast.
Not that I transfer a ton 7 gig files everyday, it is nice to have.
Anyways, my 16g flash died, maybe cause I drop my keys a lot or maybe because I keep forgetting to send the thing to the trash(it's a Mac thing).
I tried reformatting it on my computer but no dice, now it's a Windows only flash.
That's not totally true, it will transfer only certain files and the files it decides it can transfer seem to be random.
Don't ask me why.
Anyways, any reason to upgrade is a reason to upgrade so I got me this:

The flash drive to end all flash drives!
Okay, not really but it was shock proof via that rubber baby buggy bumper thingy.
I've dropped my keys once already and it bounces very nicely thank you.
I have to admit though, I got it cause it looked cool, not because I thought it would be better.
I mean it's only a flash drive, right?
So where am I going with all this?
Where exactly are you going with all this Mr. Flat?
I'm so glad you asked!
Well, that first flash drive I got cost me like ten bucks, and this last one I got cost me like forty.
What the hell was I thinking?
The thing is, that first flash drive still works!
I swear someone should write a book about me cause I don't know what the hell is wrong with me!
I beginning to think there's something clinically wrong with my brain for now I have like 3.5 flash drives and last night guess what I was doing?
That's right!
Looking at more flash drives!
I need to put them all on a string and hang them around my neck.
I need to set some parental controls on my computer.
Maybe I just need to get a life.
Or something.


RANTWICK said...

You can never have enough flash drives. I keeps your brain sharp trying to remember what is stored where.

Steve A said...

I lose the caps as well.

limom said...

Flash drives: the devil's invention.
No really.

Nannie Salyards said...

It seems like you have a great fascination with flash drives, am I right? One of the reason is maybe you bring it with you all the time, and you feel that you're getting bored with just the simple flash drives. But I think buying your latest flash drive solves the problem for you. The design is unique, and it has that anti-damage feature with the rubber casing. It's all good. Just try not to look for another type of flash drive, so you wouldn't be tempted to buy again.