Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

So I was driving to work the other day and what did I spy?
I mean usually I'm sort of on auto pilot, you know since it's like six in the morning and I don't drink coffee and I'm not really awake yet.
Even after taking a morning shower.
I'm awake, but not really awake.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, I'm like driving along which sometimes is a bit spooky cause all of a sudden I'll like wake up and I'm wondering how I got to where I was for it's like I blank out cause I'm so used to driving this route.
Well what did I see?

Not a great picture cause I took it from inside my car and I was actually driving along and I really shouldn't do that cause it's like against the law.
To be operating something other than your car while you're driving I mean.
Christmas decorations!
Like, we haven't even done Halloween yet!
Are you kidding me?
Thanksgiving is like a month away!
More than a month!
I swear, next thing you know we'll be getting ready for Christmas like right after Christmas!
Which actually may not be such a bad thing.
Sort of.
Well it was sort of Christmas last week cause I got me this:

Campagnolo Crazy!
Even though I haven't donned the spandex in like five months, I bought me this Campagnolo jersey.
I only have that other long sleeve jersey and it's not going to get chilly around these parts for like never so I wanted a short sleeve Campagnolo jersey.
You know, for that PRO look.
Besides, I read somewhere that Campagnolo is selling off the sportswear side of the business and I wanted to get one before I wouldn't be able to get one.
In fact, I may order another jersey.
You know, to frame and hang on the wall.
Anyways, the jersey is really nice and all, but I'm a bit confused by this:

Now some clothing folks make the tags out of something cool like plastic or maybe like Castelli they give you a sticker.
Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with a piece of leather and chunk of wood.
Are the folks at the Campagnolo sportswear place like cutting up the chairs and the shelves?
Is this like Campagnolo memorabilia?
Should I wrap it in plastic and freeze it?
Is this stuff like some secret Italian code?
Okay, I feel pretty stupid cause I'm not getting it.
No seriously, what do the leather and wood symbolize?
If anyone knows, let me in on the secret.
Anyways, I was hoping to actually wear it, like on my bicycle today, but it's been raining off and on and it's a white jersey and it's new so I don't want to make like Pepe le Pew and have a stripe down my back:

If you know what I mean.
I also wanted to test this out:

When I go around and take pictures of the ocean around here, I'm not really taking pictures of what I see.
That's because I see through polarized lenses, my glasses I mean are polarized and what I see is not necessarily what you get to see.
There are in fact many images that don't make it to these pages because after downloading them, they just look like pictures of the water.
The colors I tried to capture are just killed off by the glare of the sun.
Because I've been using a P&S for most the images here, I wasn't able to get a polarizing filter on the lens but now I'm able to bring to you, the reader,  a completely different view of Flat Tire Land.
Not that I'm going to be lugging that brick of a camera around with me all the time.
It weighs about a GAGILLION pounds don't you know.
Anyways, if the Sun manages to put in an appearance today, I'll go down to beach and get some before and after shots.
If I'm not to busy watching Korean dramas on Netflix.

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