Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Test Drive

The Quest goes on!
Sort of.
It's been hot and muggy recently and since I'm on vacation it's the perfect time to just sit around and do nothing.
Almost nothing.
The ole web browser has been working overtime as the Quest for Camera is in full swing.
So lemme tell you how it went today.
First I figured out what exactly I was going to spend.
Then I started looking around at all the cameras in that price range.
Then I figured maybe I should step up to the plate so to speak, you know, just get a good camera that'll last me till next year or so.
When the new cameras all come out.
If you know what I mean.
Then I started thinking, boy, I'm no photo major.
For what I'm thinking of blowing on a new camera, I could get me a new throwing wheel!
All shiny and new with quiet bearings and stuff.
Okay, I'm looking at way too much camera.
To make a long story even longer, I went all over the place today as far as cameras go.
From the eVilness to Amazon, I was there.
Finally I call up My Friend Hoku:
Hey dude, you still got that camera?
Yeppers, says he.
Okay, he didn't really say yeppers.
I made that part up.
So anyways, I jump in my car, it's like evening time now cause I've spent all day at this Quest for Camera, and off I go:

He's got this older Nikon D200 for sale along with a 28-105 zoom.
It's an older camera, like only 10.2 mp, but it's PRO.
As in none of the bells and whistles you find on them newfangled cameras.
All it does is take pictures.
Which is a good thing.
The not so good thing is that it's lacking a few things I've sort gotten used to.
One is the preview you get once you've adjusted the camera stuff so you can see how your image is going to look like.  This thing has a straight view finder.
The LCD screen is small and archaic, especially if you are used to the larger view screens on even pocket cameras.  The LCD is for post viewing only, you cannot use it to aim.
Canons in particular have articulated view screens that move around; I used mine to take pictures while holding the camera over my head.
On the plus side, I like the Nikon view finders more than the Canon's, it seems closer to the eyeball.
There are only four settings, P, S, A and M so there's no scrolling through a bunch of scene modes.
The control layout is pretty nice, easy to get used to.
Then there's the price.
He's asking only half of what I intended to spend and that's a really good thing, except I'll have to find me a short fast lens.
You know, for short fast work.
So anyways, tomorrow I'll be taking it our for a test drive, taking some pictures and seeing if this is the camera of my dreams.
Okay, it's not the camera of my dreams but really, what would I do with the camera of my dreams?
I mean I'm not even a photography major!
If you know what I mean.


Steve A said...

Will that Nikon fit into a bicycle seat bag?

rlove2bike said...

You seem to shop like I do. heheh

John Romeo Alpha said...

Your readers require test shots utilizing the full PSAM repertoire.

Trevor said...

On the basis that the best camera is always the one that you have with you at the time, Steve's question seems pretty relevant..

limom said...

Steve A, maybe.

rlove2bike, until I drop.

JRA, okay.

Trevor, right!

More on this later.