Friday, October 5, 2012

The List

Which is what I'm trying to get back on.
The waiting list I mean.
For a new to me kidney.
The hospital the old transplant center was at closed so there's like a new center and I got to get all registered again.
The thing is, it's been five years or so and I'm way up the list so it's almost time.
To decide I mean.
So anyways I was sitting there in the room, waiting to talk to a bunch of folks, and did I mention I was waiting?
Well I always wondered what exactly those things hanging on the wall did:

Just exactly what can you see with them newfangled doctor thingys?
Not much:

Glorified flashlights they are.
So anyways, the whole thing takes like two hours and by the time I leave I'm pretty famished.
So many places to choose from, but since it was a nice day I headed over to a lunch place and took my meal to the park:

I'm not a real eat lunch at the park kind of person, but as I said it was a nice day and I'll be going back to work soon.
Only problem was, my lunch fell of the front seat and onto the floor just as I was pulling in!
I got some gravy on the ole camera bag!
So anyways, lunch got a bit mixed up, which was okay since it was a mixed plate:

Roast pork and meatloaf covered in gravy along with some tossed salad.
Didn't look good but it was.
The benches around me were empty and I was thinking I was lucky since did I mention it was  really nice day?
Well it turns out the benches were covered by the salt spray.  It was so bad, you could actually see the spray coming over the seawall:

Well okay, you can't really see the mist there, but you can see the waves crashing over the rocks.
On both sides of me:

I'm on the south shore here, in Honolulu and the surf was supposed to be around 2-4 feet.  Not quite, but it's possible the waves were better somewhere else.
The park I was at used to be the city landfill, and the surf spot was known as Flies.
Once in a while you still get surfers there, but not so much since they built the rock walls.
Anyways, as I was sitting there eating my lunch, I was thinking about how much I miss the ocean.
All the way up until high school it seems like I lived at the beach and after I dropped out,  I used to go shore fishing quite a lot.
I sort of miss hanging out at the beach, enjoying my favorite cold beverage while watching the sun go down.
Did I  mention it was a nice day?

Last football game of the year tomorrow and time to test out the new to me camera.
Oh, did I mention I got a new camera?
More on that later.


rlove2bike said...

Wishing you the best of luck!

Lunch looked delicious and pictures were fabulous.

Thanks for posting,

Steve A said...

This IS going to work out well...

John Romeo Alpha said...

That would appear to be the perfect beach park picnic lunch. I'm also hoping the kidney list process works out for you.

limom said...

rlove2bike, thanks!

Steve A, yes.

JRA, more BPL!