Thursday, September 26, 2013

Going Backwards

No, not cause I got my tires on the wrong way.
More like going back in time.
Cause I'm a retro kind of guy!
Sort of.
Anyways, back at work I had the inclination to start up sort of a photography club, you know, if anyone was interested.
Well a few of them kids signed up, like about twelve or so, but I've only actually seen about seven of them.
We've had a few meetings and it looks like they are ready to organize so I suppose I'll be a bit more busy.
If that's possible.
Actually I do spend a lot of time doing nothing.
I'm a PRO don't you know.
At doing nothing I mean.
So I ask the kids what kinds of things they want to do and lomography came up.
You know, the really cheapo 35mm cameras with the plastic lenses that take really funky pictures.
I do a bit o'reading up and it seems that these cameras started off as cheap prizes at carnivals and the like.
Well, from carnivals they, the cameras I mean, have moved into the big time!
See the Lomography site here.
So I'm reading you know and getting all excited cause anything funky and out there I'm into.
eVilness here I come!
I order me one.
Then I remember that I read about some local shop here that sells this lomography stuff so I do a search, hit paydirt and remember to take my wallet.
Off I went!
Came back with this:

More evidence that I'm the biggest grape in the world!
Now that I think about it, this camera probably cost like five bucks to make and I paid ten times that!
Okay, not really.
It probably cost like a dollar to make.
Or less.
Well I since I'm the biggest lay down in the universe I also got me this:

I also paid more than a dollar for the book but I don't feel so bad cause it probably cost more than a dollar to print.
Maybe it all evens out in the end.
Okay, I don't think so.
Being that I'm way out there on the cutting edge, avant garde and all that, I just had to get me a couple of rolls of this:

Some film with red saturation chemically built in by some monks in Thailand.
Okay, maybe not but I did order some rolls of this same film from some dude in Thailand and it's currently on it's way via economy third world shipping.
I'll probably get it next year.
I jest.
Anyway, with this plastic camera crap I just took about a GAGILLION steps backwards in camera years.
That's like seven GAGILLION steps in dog years.
If you know what I mean.
On the other hand, at least it's black and nasty.
The camera I mean.
I'll shoot that roll tomorrow and report my results.
If any.
Stay tuned.
This might be awesome.
Or not.


Trevor Woodford said...

I,m sure it WILL be awesome...can't wait to see the awesome results...!

Steve A said...

How will y'all get the film developed since Walgreen's doesn't?

limom said...

Trevor Woodford, I am invigorated by your faith!

Steve A, we got a thing called Longs.