Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

What to do today?
I'm feeling lazy but then again I always feel lazy.
I was going to do a Cactus Update! yesterday but yes, that's right! I was lazy.
Lazy, lazy, lazy.
I am the King of Lazy!
I dare you, the reader, to knock me off the Lazy Mound!
Okay, you win.
I'm too lazy to fight.
Anyways, the Cactus Update!

Not doing so good.
After being left out in the parking lot of The Warehouse, I've taken some casualties.
I watered and watered but I guess the afternoon sun was just overpowering.
I think I can nurse some of them back, but we'll see.
The others faired okay:

A little worse for wear after doing battle with ole Sol, but I think they're going to be fine.
The opuntia:

I think I've created an alien monster!
Where's Ripley?

I was trying to find pics of when that opuntia thingy first sprouted, but I could only find this:

Soon I'm gonna be overgrown with opuntia!
It's not like I got a lotta space either.
Speaking of space, my space seems bit smaller now:

I swear that bicycle wasn't that big, but it is.
Taking up a lot of space that is.
Lemme tell you it wasn't easy dragging that thing up the flight of stairs.
Another solution is in order.
I still got my other two bicycles over at school and my brother has been hinting that I should pick up the Bike With The Funny Name.
I'm seriously thinking about hanging a bicycle up over the lanai.
Or over the balcony.
Or something.
Okay, now I don't feel so lazy anymore but I will again after I eat breakfast.
Feel lazy I mean.
Maybe I'll feel better after a nap.
If you know what I mean.

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