Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Final

So sleepy.
I was.
That's why I am the King of Lazy!
Naps in the middle of the day, at night, in the afternoon and the mornings.
Also the King of Nappy Time I am!
Anyways, I woke up and figured I better do something so my whole Sunday didn't go to waste.
Which isn't actually a bad thing, I have a reputation don't you know.
Well it's been a while since I took some digital photos and since I have dedicated a whole mirrored glass panel to digital images I figured I better start moving.
So off I went!
I was thinking of riding to my destination but since it was only like around the block I decided to walk instead.
A little venture into the urban darkness.
Or something like that.
Destination: Thomas Square, a small park right up the street:

A really bad picture I took with the small camera cause I took pictures with the big camera but I forgot to turn the auto focus back on and they didn't come out.
The pictures I mean.
The park is small, a small city block, but there's a fountain and pool right in the middle that they light up at night.
The pool I mean, the fountain was turned off.
Surrounding the pool are some banyans trees that are illuminated by lights.
White lights, something very rare nowadays.
Well I never noticed them lights until I was driving past one night so tonight I decided to go and get some black and white images:

I had black and white in mind, something I'm still learning to see, cause the lights lit up only certain areas and the tree trunks had some nice shadows on them.

They were also casting some nice shadows too.
Pool reflection:

I spent about an hour and half there taking all sorts of pics and bothering the few that were in the park.
They were probably wondering what the hell I was taking pictures of:

Well after all that a hunkering and a squatting around I got sort of hungry so I made my way down the block.
I got a couple of interesting shots along the way:

I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to frame that one and I eventually gave up.
Now that I'm looking at it, I think I know what to do.
Like Jane Says, I'll try again tomorrow.
I'll post the rest of the shots on my 5oopx after I get done with the post processing.
I figure it'll take a hundred or so pictures to cover up that mirror, then I got two more panels to fill.
I need to get more photo paper!
If you know what I mean.

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