Saturday, September 14, 2013

Out for a Walk

This morning I went across the street and picked up some film so I could test out the new camera.
I had some problems with the batteries so I decided to find some new ones just in case.
There's a Walgreen's right up the street and I had another roll of film to develop so I decided to walk.
So off I went!

Here I am walking down the street.
It's been rather warm lately so I brought along my awesome hat:

The only thing is that I gotta move it every time I want to take a picture and I had a whole roll to burn between here and the store.
There's school:

Okay, not really.
That's actually part of the state maintenance facility, school is right behind it.
Here's another Chinese place that is now a church:

I'm not sure about what's going on with all these Chinese places becoming churches, but I think these folks may have something to do with it:

Crossing a busy intersection:

I'm always looking for tall parking structures to take pictures off of, but this one is sort of view locked.
Nothing really there.
Taking pictures of grafitti:

Almost there:

I had a couple of more frames to burn so here I am taking pictures of electrical conduit:

Around the block and voila!

I've actually never stepped inside a Walgreens before.
It was nicely air conditioned.
Over to the photo counter to find out that they don't do film.
Shocked was I!
Here I am walking dejectedly back home:

Time to take a nap.


Steve A said...

My local Walgreens still does film

limom said...

This Walgreens is sort of strange Walgreens although I've never been in another Walgreens.
It seems like a half a Walgreens or mini Walgreens, tucked into a space cause it was there kinda Walgreens.
I suppose now I'll have to go to another Walgreens just to compare and get the full Walgreens experience.

shuichi said...

It's been a long time. 
Neat path! Can you bike there?
The castle seems Japanese one.