Saturday, September 28, 2013

Seeing Red

Which apparently, I cannot do.
More on this later.
So today was laundry day.
Now that I'm sort of getting into a groove here at the New Flat Tire Command Center (NFTCC).
It's kinda strange, there are about 24 units here and only four washing machines and I've never seen anyone else in the washing machine place.
Sort of makes you wonder.
If you know what I mean.
So anyways, I ate this like humungous breakfast and I was getting sleepy around lunch time but I decided I'd better get out and do something.
So I lugged the ole Flat Tire Earth machine down the stairs and packed my camera(s).
Off I went!
This is what my street looks like:

Sort of mix between old single family homes, converted single family homes and two and three story walk ups built sometime before the war.
The Vietnam War I mean.
Then again, right down the street there's a brand new twin condo deal that you may have seen in the window washing pics a ways back.
Not much of a neighborhood to explore.
Maybe later.
Beach bound was I:

Okay, that's not the beach.
That's the pier but I was at the beach.
I promise.
Today was test out the cameras day as this morning I went to the post office to pick up my brand new to me:

That's right manual focus camera fans!
A Nikon F3HP!
I guarantee it takes better pictures than the one I took of it.
The F3 I mean.
So anyways I was off to blow two rolls of film, one in the F3 and another in the Holga.
The red thing?
Oh! The red thing!
Yes, the Red Scale film!
Well I read up on it after I tested it out and it turns out you need to use it one stop hot.
That is overexpose it by one stop.
Which I didn't know and the Holga cannot compensate for exposure.
So I got a lot of this:

Actually looks kinda cool in an old and decrepit kind of way.
I mean if you like that kinda thing.
I'm not sure I do.
Unfortunately the Holga only goes to f/8, which is a about five stops lower than where I'm usually shooting.
That's like a GAGILLION stops in dog apertures.
My slowest lens is like an f/4 which is still two stops faster than the Holga.
The front of school:

It was overcast on Friday when I took these, so that didn't help any.
I did take some shots directly into the sun:

Reminds me of some kind of nuclear summer.
Or really bad haze.
Or something.
Anyways, I'm a gonna load that Red Scale stuff into the ole F3 and really see what she can do!
I also shot some regular color film on the Holga, I'll try and scan them tomorrow so you can really see what it's all about.
Reminds me of really old postcards, like from the seventies.
Interesting, if you know how to use it.
Which I don't.
Know how to use it I mean.
It's kinda like shooting noir et blanc, where you have to visualize the tones except you gotta visualize in  reds and yellows.
Not really sure how to use this quirky film yet.
I also found a DIY online, so I may try to make my own Red Tire film.
Stay tuned.

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