Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Final

This is not last Sunday's Sunday Final, it's this Sunday's Sunday Final.
Don't get them confused.
I missed last Sunday's Sunday Final and today's Sunday Early Edition, so this Sunday Final is like for today.
Not last weeks.
Rest and peace.
No, not rest in peace, I'm not quite ready for that.
Unless I quit smoking.
This was a busy busy week for me what with homecoming and all that stuff.
Seems like I've been at work all day and all night!
Finally I got a day that I had nothing to do.
Except for my laundry.
Other than that I sort of just stared at the ceiling all day and went surfing on the ole eVilness.
Which sort of made me happy cause I'm almost at Dennis Hopper goodness, but I'm also sad cause now one of cameras don't work no more.
I mean it works, it takes pictures but it don't sync up with the motor drive which means I'll have to like get another one.
Camera I mean.
Okay, the camera acquisition thing is getting out of hand.
I mean I only have two hands and can only work two cameras at a time.
I suppose I could rig up the remote thingy and use my foot and use three cameras at a time but that's getting sort of ridiculous.
Like this camera acquisition thing.
Early this week I went out at night to go look at this Nikon F3, a camera which I have been pining for.
I pretty much pine for all of them, but this one I had a particular pine.
So anyways, I go out to meet the seller at the mall, which was closing and I ate a bread pudding and I'm still waiting thinking how sweet this is going to be adding the F3 to my collection.
Well to make it short, it wasn't an F3.
It was this:

So I'm telling the seller that I really don't want this camera cause I already got a FG-20 and I don't use that and boy I'm pretty disappointed it's not a F3.
Well as you can see, I must be the biggest grape in the world cause there it is.
I was shaking my head driving home and I'm still shaking my head.
This camera collection thing is getting so bad I'm starting to buy cameras that I don't want or need.
Actually it's a pretty nice camera, in good condition and all and I suppose I can loan it out to the kids in my class.
Some of them actually shoot film.
I'm so proud of them.
So anyways while I was laying around today staring at the ceiling I was also fiddling around with my FE2 camera, you know, taking out from under my pillow and just basically admiring it, when I noticed it wasn't firing with the motor drive.
It was fine yesterday.
Apparently there's some problems with the camera and the drive getting it all together, something I havn't figured out yet.
Or maybe it's just old and something inside just decided to quit.
The camera still operates manually and all the shutter speeds sound okay so I think it's still working.
It just won't sync up with that evil motor drive.
I tested it out scientific like and the drive works on my FM2 so I'm pretty sure it's the camera.
I guess I just have to get another one!
Luckily I had an FE2 on my eVilness watch list.
You know, just in case.
Well, it's in case.
If you know what I mean.
Them motor drives.
I just can't live without them.
For you Mr. JRA:

There just went a whole roll of film!
Okay, not really.
The camera was empty.
Sort of like my pictures.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Good thing you can still buy bulk film loaders. You're gonna need one! [freeze frame]

Steve A said...

Will Kodak still be making film when they exit bankruptcy?

Steve A said...

"Businesses including photographic film ... were sold during the bankruptcy or spun off to settle pension claims"

I think it means "maybe but it won't really be Kodak film."

limom said...

JRA, I just got one.
A bulk loader I mean.

Steve A, I think I read that Kodak will be focusing on non photographic stuff.
Copy machines maybe?