Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Moving day.
Oh boy.
Actually it will be moving day for the next week or so as that's how long it will take for me to decide what goes and what stays.
Well, none of it is supposed to stay, but some of it will.
I'm almost out:

There wasn't too much stuff to pack as I didn't really unpack.
I only had the essentials out and most of that was still in boxes too.
So from there, they went here:

Now this morning they go down the stairs and off to the New Flat Tire Command Center.
I'm kinda excited though not so excited about having to walk this stuff down then back up a flight of stairs.
Well, I suppose I should get started.
I suppose.
I should get started.
You know.
I guess.
I'll get started.
Saturday Night Lights!

The varsity team watching the JV before their game.
I'm liking that wide angle lens.
I didn't take too many digital pictures, I spent most of varsity game using my film camera shooting some black and white.
I'll develop it next week and see how it came out.
Okay, I better get started.
Moving day.
Oh boy,

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