Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Final

I'm sad.
Sort of.
I guess I shouldn't be, not with all this experimental stuff.
More on this later.
As usual for Sunday, I did my laziness exercises, taking a nap around lunch time.
I was going across the street to scan some negatives, but well, I ain't the King of Lazy just in name.
I am a PRO.
Actually I was just waiting for the light to change.
Yes, that's it.
The light.
So around three o'clock I peeked out the window to see how it looked.
Not bad.
I packed up the cameras, one loaded with C41 noir et blanc, the other with dragon rouge.
That's black and white and red dragon to all you non French speaking folks.
I don't speak French either.
The Flat Tire Earth Vehicle in the stairwell:

Going up:

Going down:

As you can see, I'm slowly mapping everywhere I go.
All this for you, the reader.
As you can also see, I'm not quite done.
Anyways, I got down the stairs in one piece.
So off I went!
In keeping with my banana headedness goofyness, I've had some problems loading film in my camera.
Today, I took like ten pictures before I noticed the film wasn't advancing.
I was also shooting the red scale film about two stops hot.
That's two stops overexposed to you non French speakers.
I read some up on that film and decided to try some different things.
Which is all good except they all turned out the same.
Sort of.
I think maybe the lab tech did some color correction although I told her not too.
Could also be the extra exposure time.

I went over to Aloha Tower where they had some kind of vintage car show.
I shot some red scale there, but I still hadn't figured out the film advance thing.
Then I went and watched some folks fishing:

Then I went and watched some other folks fishing.
By now I figured the film thing out, but that shot is with my digital camera.

More fishing folks along with some surfer dudes.
So I shot two stops over with the red scale film and I didn't get any red.
Not like the first time when everything was red.
This time it had a yellow tinge, which happens when you over expose:

The lab tech also didn't correct the negative and all the shots are reversed:

It's a bit strange looking at them, if they were the correct way I may get a better idea of how I feel about them.
For now though, it's just well, odd.
I'll try and scan them correctly over at school tomorrow and maybe they'll be better.
They have a been in a drawer for thirty years kinda feel to them, sort of like the pictures my dad took with his Polaroid Land camera, the one with the bellows.
I kinda like them, just wondering what happened to all the red.
Maybe I over exposed it out.
Anyways, my camera battery died at frame 34, so I head back home:

The easiest way back home from the beach for me is to cut through school.
That's the gym on the left and PE building right in front.
I'm not sure yet what makes that red scale stuff tick but I got one more roll and I'm gonna give it another go.
I also watched a couple of videos on how to load my own, so I'll be trying it with some different color films with different ISOs.
I also got a couple of other things I want to test out.
Stay tuned.

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