Friday, November 22, 2013


The Analog Army is invading the Digital Domain!
Women and children first!
Take cover!
Run for your lives!
Okay, not really.
About the running for your lives part.
I have been the so called avant garde for the Analog Army first with the film cameras and that Holga thingy but now the main battle force is here:

The cameras I ordered for the kids finally arrived.
Unfortunately they, the kids, are not here today as we got some district meetings going on all day here which start in about 25 minutes.
Actually the cameras are here just in time as tomorrow I go on a night photo safari with some of the kids and hopefully some of them cameras will make the journey.
I may even try some 120 film.
The Diana Mini on the bottom is really small and just maybe the thing I've been looking for:

Compared to a real camera it's downright tiny.
I've been looking for a smallish camera just for fooling around and the Diana Mini just might fill the bill even though it only shoots like half frames.
I'll kick the tires some and see what I get.
Speaking of fooling around I was trying to figure out something to use as an avatar over at Flickr and didn't want to do the same same.
Here's what I came up with:

I took a picture of my camera through my other camera with my other camera.
I suppose having more cameras than I need comes in handy.
Finally, totally unphotography related, I put some bananas in the fridge and this is what happened:

What's the deal banana peel?
They turn all brown and unattractive!
Well, compared to the fresh bananas.
I mean if only the brown bananas were there and you were really hungry I don't think it would really matter.
If you know what I mean.
So I was wondering what the hell was going on in Bananaland, I am a Bananahead after all, I found this.
I guess bananas don't dig the cold either.
Like me.
Maybe I'll use them Lomo cameras to take some pictures of some bananas even though I just ate the last one.
I got bananas hanging right here in the classroom:

Banana avant garde.
They are watching you.


Trevor Woodford said...

Bananas in the fridge....why??
Cruelty to bananas I call it..!!

limom said...

I prefer my bananas cold.
Like revenge.
Or ice.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Even frozen bananas turn which is disappointing since they are handy in the summer. It may require flash freezing them with liquid nitrogen in order to avoid unsightly discoloration. Got any in the lab?

limom said...

I've always wanted to fool with liquid nitrogen but was never able to uh, acquire some.
Closest was in school when we found a lab with a tank, but were unsure about how to transport it.
I forget what we wanted it for, but it was probably something not good.
Though I suppose it would have been handy just to have around.
If you know what I mean.