Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

So last night I took six kids off on a night shoot.
Last time I did this, it didn't turn out so well as most of them weren't prepared and most of the time was spent learning the cameras.
This time I made sure they sort of knew what they were doing so we could spend more time taking pictures rather than fooling around with stuff they were supposed to already know.
Leaving at dusk:

I didn't time it right and we missed the sunset.
That would have added another hour though and I'm not sure we could have handled it.
More on this later.
I didn't take too many shots, I was too busy watching them making sure we were all sticking together; we got spread out some as a couple would stop to take pictures while the rest forged ahead.
I think using a digital camera makes one waste a ton of shots.
I'll admit it too, to taking pictures of things I got no business taking pictures of, basically wasting time and frames.
Film has taught me to be more frugal with my shot selection, to look twice before pushing the shutter.
While walking along to our intended destination it seemed like the kids wanted to take pictures of like everything!
Which is okay if you got all day and night, not so good when you only got two and half hours.
Well we finally got down to business, which was was taking those night water shots and they did pretty good.
Some of the things they've been learning are finally starting to make sense.
I think.
Down at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor:

I think they came away with some nice images.
I'll have them post their pics up to Flickr or the blog later.
Some of them wanted to do some light trail stuff but we just didn't have enough time.
Next trip, I think we'll go for three hours, but only hit one specific location so as not to waste too much time.
That way we won't be walking all over the creation as some of the kids just weren't up to it.
By the end of the night, some of them were just plain pooped!
I figure we covered about three miles or so which isn't that far, but I supposed they aren't used to hoofing it.
Four of them were also carrying film cameras, but I don't think they had much time to expose any frames.
Speaking of film, now I'm going into full speed production:

I got me another film loader so now I can load up three different types of film and twenty more of them cassette thingys.
I've also got a different type of developer on the way as I've not been too happy with my results.
Except for now:

I'm done with that cheap film and now using Kodak Tri-X 400.
It's closer to what I'm looking for with my night shots, though it's still not what I'm visualizing.
I like the upper half, but not the intensity of the reflections on the water.
I think I'll try using a graduated ND filter to see if that helps.
Since I have the Tri-X  on a bulk roll now, I can load up cassettes with maybe only ten frames and shoot and develop them differently to nail down a process.
Time to stock up on chemicals.
More from that roll later.
Okay, I gotta go finish up my laundry them hopefully I can get out and do some exploring.
I also got some color film to fool with and doctor.
More on that later too.

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